LC-511 / LC-513. These have exactly same envelope and base

W dniu sobota, 24 lutego 2018 00:43:15 UTC+1 użytkownik ZY napisał:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to spell out a word with non-segmented nixie tubes, and it 
> seems the Dolam LL-555 to 558 series are my best bet for something 
> available on ebay.
> However I notice that the tubes do not include I and O, which I assume 
> would be done by a numerical 0-9 tube.
> I need a suggestion as to which tube is the numerical version of the 
> series, or if there is none, which tube would look similar. As in something 
> of the same size/shape/overall look. Preferably also available on ebay.
> I looked at the IN-1 but it seems to be attached to a large bracket that 
> the Dolam tubes do not have.
> Thanks!

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