Well, if you are a collector you might add one or two to your collection at 
the current price, they don't come up that often, but the internal wiring 
is easily damaged - and I suspect that the seller will soon become aware of 
what I know of these Nixies and he might go down on the price! The few 
different sellers I've bought from have showed me photos of the condition, 
with lit digits and easily seen marks on the nixies, before shipping them 
and they have nevertheless turned up with snapped wires - it was possible 
to identify the tubes from the photos so I know that they worked before 
being shipped.


On Sunday, 11 March 2018 21:49:30 UTC+1, William Lee wrote:
> Thanks for the additional color on these.  I was debating on picking one 
> up as a novelty, but may hold off now based on your comments.

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