I am not sure if this is offtopic or not, if so, mods please remove. I have 
recently come into possession of a small quantity of Monsanto MV1 LEDs... 
the MV1 is the first commercially produced LED, released in 1968. I am 
selling these for $12 dollars each; I figured I would try selling them here 
before going to Ebay. The only one of these to come up on Ebay in the past 
6 months or so sold for $30 dollars, so this is quite a good deal. Contact 
me offlist at anubis#industrialalchemy.org (change pound to at symbol) if 
you are interested. I am located in the US, Paypal payment and 
international shipping are available.

Here is a link with more information about the Monsanto MV1 LED.


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