On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 7:51:31 AM UTC-4, AnubisTTP wrote:
> I am not sure if this is offtopic or not, if so, mods please remove. I 
> have recently come into possession of a small quantity of Monsanto MV1 
> LEDs... the MV1 is the first commercially produced LED, released in 1968.

Do you know what the list price for this was back in 1968? Your MV2 article 
says "a new MV2 was approximately $265 dollars in 1969". Was that expressed 
in 1969 dollars, or in current dollars? If in 1969 dollars, that was a HUGE 
sum - for the more youthful people here, you could buy any one of a number 
of number of brand new mid-range cars (and even some sports cars like the 
Opel GT were in that range) for the low $3000's, and a VW Beetle was only 

How much of the production was hand assembly (you show several production 
failures in your article)? Do you know if they ever automated the line any 
further? I worked at a factory in the mid-1970's that produced bases for 
crystal cans, and that was all done by hand although the leads were 
purchased as pre-forms. One of the factory's biggest sellers was the base 
for the Motorola 3.58MHz crystal that was used in many television sets.

Moving back on-topic, are the ones you have for sale loose pieces, in the 
original clamshell, or in the later plastic bag?

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