> Here's an odd beauty
> https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cathode-Ray-Tube-Electron-Diffraction-Tube/132570918496?hash=item1eddd7ae60:g:0TsAAOSwCBFavOGv
> I appears to be a demonstration of electron diffraction behaviour. If you 
> look inside the tube you can see a target in line with the electron gun. From 
> physics lessons at school I remember a much simpler CRT assembly. This 
> appears to have deflection plates, PDA and a flat screen. So it appears to be 
> a much more sophisticated piece of kit than a simple school demonstration for 
> a bunch of bored teenagers.
> I post it here to see if anyone can offer any commentary or enlightenment on 
> why the precision? Or is the tube something completely different?

Thanks for the heads up!  I won it for the £9 starting bid (plus £38 

- John

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