My guess would be as the last tube in a scale display -- 138.25 grams or oz.

On Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 11:11:44 AM UTC-5, SWISSNIXIE - Jonathan F. 
> Hi folks,
> I recently aquired a NL-50944 tube. Its the size of a B-5092. On first 
> look it looks like a tube that can display two digits with a few possible 
> combinations, but now that i've tested the tube i found out that the digits 
> are NOT independant. They always light up together 
> There is 00,25,50,75
> My guess is that it was used to display a percentage of a progess - or - 
> to display a value that has only .25 precision. 
> Does anyone can think about a usage of this oddly tube? Or maybe even know 
> where it was used. Its very interesting that the desing created the need to 
> make a custom tube instead of just using two regular 0-9 tubes side by side!
> The only resource on the web to this number is on Dieters site, but only 
> the information that this tubes uses the B13B socket, no other info.

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