I've done a few tests in the past. With the acrylic that I got, the result 
was as follow:

translucent red: converts the orange glow to red, reduces contrast and 

translucent orange: keeps the orange glow, slightly improves contrast, 
maintains brightness

translucent brown: keeps the orange glow, slightly reduces contrast and 

Am Freitag, 11. Oktober 2019 08:28:24 UTC+2 schrieb Richard Scales:
> I have a project where I will be using ZM1350's in Smart-Sockets. I have 
> used Harwin socket pins on the sockets and the ZM1350's are easy to insert 
> and remove.
> Because they are easy to remove I want to put a perspex front on the 
> device to stop them falling out!
> I was going to use clear perspex / Acrylic but I find that I can also get 
> red and orange tinted perspex as well as red and orange 'florescent'.
> I was just wondering if anyone in the group had an experience or opinions 
> on this and the suitability of using coloured instead of clear?
> Thank you all.
> Richard

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