(At least it's 'older'...)

Working on an old AM/FM transistor radio that has had both the FM RF and 
convertor transistor short out. (I suspect a near miss lightning strike)

Also, L3 checks stone open out of circuit.  I have never seen a coil like 
this and don't understand it's operation. ASSUMING it's drawn right...

My questions is, is this coil, labeled as a 10.7mc trap, drawn right? Does 
it also function as the ground path for the convertor transistor's emitter? 

There are only two leads on the coil.

Ordinarily I would just replace the transistors BUT they are a royal pain 
in the behind to get to and I really don't want to invest the effort if 
there's no chance of success... 

[image: Zen_Sche.jpg]

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