I fixed it guys! I think it was an ultisnips thing. I modified the default 
setting in multisnips that has the minumum length of letters before a popup 
emerges at 2. I changed it to 1 and now the popups come up!

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 8:10:39 PM UTC-4, Luis Henriquez-Perez 
> Hello everyone,
> I am using deoplete, ultisnips and vim-snippets. I began to realize from 
> any of my snippets, no snippet that was less than length two would be 
> displayed.
> For example, when I type 'm' to invoke the following snippet shortcut, 
> nothing pops up.
> snippet m "method" b
> ${1:private} ${2:void} ${3:method}(${4}) {
>     $0
> }
> endsnippet
> However, if I change the shortcut from "m" to something with 3 (or more) 
> characters like "mtd" deoplete brings it up perfectly. 
> Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution? 

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