Hi Fernando,

Slightly unrelated, but the Elvis editor had a screen reader mode where
it displays one line at a time. To my knowledge nothing similar exists
for Vim/Neovim, but Neovim could be a good fit for this, because you can
run a frontend on top of Neovim.

There were a couple of posts about blind Vim users over the years, with
various tips that should help setting up



On 20/09/16 21:04, Fernando Botelho wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am beginning the painful migration back to the command line, in search
> for stability and efficiency. I want to help other blind computer users
> do the same, and tipically, it is best if one gets started on the CLI,
> rather than learn a GUI first.
> To make a long story short, I have a better chance at bringing blind
> newbees to neoVIM and Mutt and all, if they get started on the CLI, and
> they are more likely to do so if I can offer them a typing game that can
> run on the CLI environment.
> is there a nvim plugin that allows one to play a typing game?
> Alternatively, is there one that I could run under BASH?
> Thanks,
> Fernando

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