On 21/09/16 03:31, Felix Yang wrote:
Hi Chris,

On 2016/9/20 23:22, Chris Hegarty wrote:

On 20 Sep 2016, at 13:57, Felix Yang <felix.y...@oracle.com> wrote:

Hi all,
     please review the following test fix. It explicitly disables
proxy to make sure the test not affected by different environment


Since the test is setting a system-wide proxy selector, should it run in
othervm mode ?
This test is shell test. I guess it is 'othervm' in nature, right?

D'oh, yes of course.


Also, it is not clear to me why the change from “test.src” to “user.dir”,
since the file being access is actual in the test source root, right?
Two things here:
1. Not sure the test history, since no bug it associated. It looks that
file is even not necessary.
    Could you suggest if it can be removed directly.

Looking at the code more closely, I now see that this file is indeed
not needed. Please keep your change ( to use user.dir ), and remove
the LookupTestHosts file ( as it is effectively generated by the test ).

2. I remember modifying files under "test.src" is not suggested approach.

Right. If the test has a read-only file that provides some configuration
then test.src is fine. If the test is generating something, or just
writing to a file, then the current working directory ( jtreg scratch )
is best.




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