On 13/10/2016 07:19, Langer, Christoph wrote:

Hi networking experts,

I’ve got a question regarding AF_INET6.

In jdk native code you’ll still find lots of code guarded by “#ifdef AF_INET6”. I’m wondering if there are still supported build environments where AF_INET6 is not defined. Or is it time now to assume AF_INET6 and remove this guarding? Here at SAP we don’t support non AF_INET6 build environments for quite a long time already. But probably there are scenarios out in the Java world where only IPv4 builds are done??

Maybe you can shed some light on this and/or give your opinion?

It dates back to when IPv6 support was initially added and when there wasn't support on all platforms. Also there was a long period where it was supported to cross build to older (mostly embedded) platform that didn't have IPv6. I'm not aware of any now and don't see any reason not to clean this up.


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