Development of the JDK HTTP Client, incubated in JDK 9 and re-incubated
in JDK 10, has continued. It will soon be in a position to be proposed
for inclusion in Java 11, through JEP 321. This will proceed, as usual,
through the JEP 2.0 process.

JEP 321 has recently been updated with the proposed package and module
name, `java.net.http`. The code in the sandbox has been updated to
reflect this.

Javadoc based on the latest code in the sandbox:


Webrev based on the latest code in the sandbox:

( much of the changes in the webrev are mechanical due to renaming, but
  there are stability fixes and the API documentation has been
  reorganized to improve readability )

More information about the JDK HTTP Client can be found on the
networking groups page.


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