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RESULT:  The formerly fabulous WebSocket has been rendered relatively
useless as a platform for building responsive, bidirectional
client/server applications.  Am I the only person who sees this as a
HUGE regression of functionality??  I am ALARMED by this turn of

A point of clarification that may, or may not, be obvious
to readers of this thread.

The WebSocket API, with JDK 8, that is being compared is the
Java EE API for WebSocket [1]. It is completely orthogonal to
the proposed Java SE WebSocket API. Users of said API can
continue to use it, if it meets their needs. Nothing being
proposed here has any impact on it.

The Java EE API for WebSocket provides higher-level API
abstractions for handling whole and partial messages, decoding
and encoding, etc. The proposed Java SE WebSocket API is a
less-verbose, lower-level, API. They are two separate and
distinct APIs. If one desires the the higher-level abstractions
provided by the EE API, that is absolutely fine.

The SE WebSocket API is not a replacement for the EE API, it
is a lower-level alternative with simpler abstractions. A
consequence of its simplicity is that a developer may need
to do more to handle the data, but in many cases this is
exactly what it wanted. These APIs complement each other
rather than compete.


[1] https://docs.oracle.com/javaee/7/api/javax/websocket/package-summary.html

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