Hi Brend,

I don't want remove all code related to scope_id assignation because it can 
break compatibility with old software, the new code only allows unicast packets 
be routed by the OS. I couldn't find the reason to exists of that (old) code.

Linux has a filesystem than allow to applications read the state and features of all 
interfaces and select the best option, but in OS X the procedure is a plain selection of 
a "default" interface using only Java code using a simple criteria.

Sorry for reply in this way, I am not subscribed in the mailing list and I 
can't see message in my mailbox for a direct reply.


El 11/04/2018 a las 09:44, Langer, Christoph escribió:
Hi Joel,

Sounds good to me then. I created a webrev and uploaded it: 

I will run it through the tests here at SAP and check the results.

@All: Could we please get another review?


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