On Tue, 13 Mar 2012 07:22:16 +0100 Vincent wrote:
VB> OoO En  cette matinée pluvieuse du  samedi 03 mars 2012,  vers 10:53, je
VB> disais:
VB> > Hi!
VB> > I am hit by this annoying bug:
VB> >  
VB> > I am  trying to fix  this. The situation  seems quite simple. Here  is a
VB> > pseudo-trace:
VB> [...]
VB> This  works fine  but  to propose  a  patch for  NetSNMP,  I have  three
VB> questions:
VB> [...]
VB>  2. How to handle the "send the original PDU as soon as you hit the main
VB>     loop again" could be done properly with NetSNMP?

Check out snmp_alarm_register...

VB>  3. I am  allocating some  "magic" structure to  keep the  original PDU,
VB>     callback  and callback  argument.  Is  there something  simpler with
VB>     NetSNMP?
VB> The bug report  from Robert Story tells that the bug  should be fixed by
VB> queueing the  original PDU. Maybe there  is a simpler way  of doing this
VB> than what I am currently doing?

Nope, I think you are on the right track..

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