In a previous message to this list (, an
observation was made that route deletion can cause the snmp agent to crash,
possibly related to route caching.  I am using Net-SNMP 5.7.3, and I'm
seeing exactly that issue -- if I add a route, then immediately remove it
(status=>destroy), the agent may or may not immediately crash but will get
into a bad state that will (in my testing) always lead to a crash on a
future snmpwalk of the inetCidrRouteTable.  However, if I wait 60 seconds
(the route cache timeout), before calling destroy, the agent doesn't crash.

Any thoughts on this?  It would seem that Net-SNMP doesn't support
inetCidrRouteTable very well given that there seem to be some remaining
bugs... unless I'm just using the APIs incorrectly somehow??

 - Joe
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