Stepping back one step from the fact that they enable/disable different
bits of code: is there a semantic difference intended here, or was this
some feature collision and both were retained? Is there a WRITE that is not
a SET?

NETSNMP_NO_WRITE_SUPPORT came in with the features/minimalist stuff;
NETSNMP_DISABLE_SET_SUPPORT was already there as can be seen from diffs like

@@ -3432,6 +3485,7 @@ handle_pdu(netsnmp_agent_session *asp)
         status = handle_getnext_loop(asp);
     case SNMP_MSG_SET:
         return SNMP_ERR_NOTWRITABLE;

I guess this diff snippet also gives us a hint as to what’s the difference:
with NETSNMP_NO_WRITE_SUPPORT a set PDU is supposed to be handled as though
it was an unknown PDU type, and with NETSNMP_DISABLE_SET_SUPPORT we are
allowed to know about set PDUs and return an error?

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