As I mentioned in the "Summary of meeting between NET-SNMP devs and ICEI" 
thread, here's a list of bugs that I found could be included in a 5.7.4 release.

Comment indicate change is in v5-7-patch branch, and waiting for confirmation 
from submitter
* 2810 Logical error in agent/​helpers/​table.c when --enable-read-only is used 
during configuring

* 2845 compile error with net-snmp-5.8.pre2/agent/snmp_agent.c

* 2846 Second compile error with net-snmp-5.8.pre2/agent/snmp_agent.c

* 2822 5.4 4 segfault with verison 3 and agent restart

* 2791  systemd returns 0 prCount when net-snmpd collect number of running 

Comment indicate change is in v5-7-patch branch, and submitter confirms the fix 
* 2550 netsnmp_assert failed message

Comment indicate that the proposed patch in the patch ticket resolves the issue
* 2640 Crash in function ipAddressTable_container_load() (See patch ticket 2589)

Keith (pantherse)

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