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> Den 17-05-2018 kl. 15:54 skrev Robert Story:
>> On Wed, 16 May 2018 07:23:32 -0700 Bart wrote:
>> BVA> This patch makes it possible to enable Travis and Appveyor
>> BVA> continuous integration support. On Travis Net-SNMP is built
>> BVA> with all MIBs, with --disable-set-support, with
>> BVA> --enable-mini-agent, with --enable-minimalist and with
>> BVA> --enable-read-only. All these configurations are built on
>> BVA> Linux and on OS/X. On Appveyor Net-SNMP is built with MSVC and
>> BVA> dynamic libraries, with MSVC and statically linked libraryes,
>> BVA> with MinGW64, with Cygwin32 and with Cygwin64. As one can see
>> BVA> in the scripts in the "ci" directory the to-do items are as
>> BVA> follows:
>> Given that this doesn't affect code and CI support is a good thing:
>> +1
> Another +1

I'm a big fan of automated testing, and I've looked at the scripts and
output.  +1 from me too!

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