Thanks Dave,

The agent was looking for the mib files in "/usr/share/snmp/mibs/". while the mibs were stored in different directory. I moved the file to to "/usr/share/snmp/mibs" and it worked fine.

From: Dave Shield <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: Hassan Noureddine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: system: Unknown Object Identifier (Sub-id not found: (top) ->system)
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 17:20:30 +0000

On Wed, 2006-01-25 at 08:45 -0800, Hassan Noureddine wrote:
> I am getting a "system: Unknown Object Identifier" in response to the
> snmpwalk command:
> #snmpwalk -v 1 -c private system.
> system: Unknown Object Identifier (Sub-id not found: (top) -> system)

That looks as if the command isn't finding the MIB files.
Are they installed?  Where?

Try running

   snmpwalk -Dparse-mibs -v 1 -c private system

and see where it's looking for these files.


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