Hello all,

I am using net-snmp package and monitoring some processes by using ‘proc’
directive in snmpd.conf file. But the problem is that this method doesn’t
work for the processes invoked by python/php.

For example, to monitor mysqld process I would do something like

*proc mysqld*

*monitor -r 60 -o prNames -o prErrMessage "procTable" prErrorFlag > 0 *

 and above works and I see traps when mysqld is killed.

Now when I I do

*proc test_process*

*monitor -r 60 -o prNames -o prErrMessage "procTable" prErrorFlag > 0 *,

I never get traps when this process is killed.

Just to make sure here test_process is python process,

ps -ef | grep test_process

root     1000     1  0 Jan12 ?        00:01:05 python ./test_process.py

I figured out from the documentation, proc directive monitors the processes
as reported by /bin/ps -e , all processes invoked by python are seen as
just python processes.

Now for example if I need to monitor test_process.py using this directive
how should I do it ?

This process is now seen as just python process(not as test_process) when
you do ps -e and I am unable to use proc directive.

I would like to monitor several python and php processes by their names in
my system and send traps if they ever get killed/crashed for some reason.

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