Hello everyone,
First, I want to say that I'm new to this area, so I'm sorry if I say
anything too vague or absurd.

In recent days I've been researching a way to use scripts with SNMP, for
example, what the "extend" module in snmpd.conf does. The problem is that
when I use "extend" I can not use the snmpset command in the script I want.
What I need is to pass a parameter that I want and run the script through
snmp with this parameter. But, I always get a "notWritable" error.

So I researched a bit and saw that some people had problems with snmpset,
also trying to use the "extend" module. In short, I wanted to ask if there
is any simple way to pass parameters through snmpset to scripts, or if I
need to create some MIB for this, I really do not know which way to go. I
would be grateful if there was also good documentation related.

Thanks for listening.

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