OS: Linux
Net-SNMP version: 5.7.3
Build Env: OpenEmbedded yocto

I am trying to build a sub agent that generates traps for events
originating from another process.
I do not want to start trying to generate traps until the snmpd agent is

So I am trying to use agentx_send_ping() to detect when the snmpd agent is

I have this working.  But my question is there any configuration options
that will install the needed header files in a DEST_DIR/usr/include
directory so I can build my sub agent in a somewhat normal way without
adding install copy lines to copy the headers out

I see the net-snmp headers being installed in a xxx/usr/include/net-snmp
directory but the header that includes the the agentx_send_ping() seems to
live outside of the net-snmp directory in an agent directory.

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