Hi Alanyes - it's an interesting & very exciting thing to be inside. There's 
the remix component of making the rabbits in a way that nods -is tangential - 
to Kac's piece.There's the exploration of expanded drawing. When I'm doing the 
walks there is a real sense that I feel myself to be the embodied tip of a pen 
or pencil -there's are also particular qualities to this 'implement' related to 
satellite coverage - the sensitivity can vary over even a few yards and even 
when the coverage is good...so one learns to allow for this...
Then there's the sense of collaboration with the participants - within the 
restriction of it being a rabbit -they design it and draw it out, often 
collaboratively themselves, with some lovely inter-generational stuff going on. 
Finally there is the actual walking out when I and the participants follow 
their design carefully drawn out on a Google Earth view of the park -on 
Saturday this was wonderfully social and I had a really pleasant day getting to 
know the participants as we walked. The last thing is that I then import all 
the GPS/Glonass data into Google Earth and construct a hi-res file with all our 
signatures, a name for each group &c that participants can print out and 
display if they wish so there is a clear outcome collectively created by us 
all...I'm very much looking forward to the next two sessions...Thanks for 
askingwarmest wishesmichael

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 Subject: Re: [NetBehaviour] some GPS rabbits
 It's great to have Michael working on this element of the new exhibition at 
 A major feature of the exhibition is Lagoogleglyph - a pixelated rabbit glyph 
15 x 20m - installed (painted directly onto the grass) in a field in Finsbury 
Park. Each pixel is 30x30cm - the size of a single pixel as rendered by Google 
 Michael's photos convey a lovely sense of exploration, responding to 
Lagoogleglyph, connecting the park, its humans, their imaginations and the 
operations of distant satellites. 
 For those that can make it to London in the next few months we hope you'll 
come and see the exhibition; Michael is going to be running three more days of 
GPS drawing walk events and there is also going to be a series of workshops run 
by Professor Andrew Prescott.  These will look at ways to ensure that academic 
research into digital technologies is informed by and serves the needs and 
interests of diverse communities.
 You can see info about the exhibition and its programmes here Poetry for 
Animals, Machines and Aliens: the Art of Eduardo Kac
 On 09/04/18 01:17, Alan Sondheim via NetBehaviour wrote:
  this is wonderful, can you say more about the structure, how it's 
accomplished, organized, produced?
  thanks! Alan
 On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 11:48 AM, Michael Szpakowski 
<m...@michaelszpakowski.org> wrote:
   ..from yesterday's workshops at Furtherfield Gallery. Still two more weeks 
to go -April 22 and May 7 :) 
  https://www.flickr.com/photos/ szpako/albums/ 72157667576425818
  cheers  Michael
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