New Quadern d'àudio #5: Processes and systems in computer music; from 
meta to matter


In this essay Dr Tony Myatt describes how processes and systems were 
applied in early experimental music, and contrasts two approaches to the 
use of systematic and algorithmic processes in experimental computer 
music. He distinguishes two practices, one based on the evolution of 
historical models which emphasise a rationalist position, and another 
more radical contemporary approach based on the material substance of 
computer sound and technological processes.

Dr Tony Myatt is the Director of the Music Research Centre at the 
University of York, UK. He is the principle investigator of the UK Arts 
and Humanities Research Council's New Aesthetics in Computer Music 
Project. He is an author, software programmer and academic working in 
the field of computer music, surround sound and electronic music 
composition, and was a founding editor of CUP's journal Organised Sound. 
He works closely with Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (T-B A21) on 
the development, implementation and curation of "The Morning Line", a 
large scale public sculpture and surround sound installation. He has 
collaborated on the creation of new multi-spatial works with artists 
including Yasunao Tone, Bruce Gilbert, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, 
Forian Hecker, Peter Zinovieff, Lee Renaldo, Jana Winderen and Chris Watson.

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