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dear all oh, are the techno-sorcerers at it again in Linz?  the alchemists of
our time? thanks for sharing this review with us, I was not aware (of the
writer) but glancing at the review i see the critique spelled out in the
last segment --

But Ars has never been far off from the line of Society of Spectacle -- even in the days of the Open-X venue that gave expression to the nascent human networks that were growing around the early net-art/activist scene in the 90s -- there was much spectacle and techno-babble from Babylon.

The gender question is also an old one for Ars (and no less problematic these days than is has always been. disappointing that 'the more things change, the more they remain the same' ...

But there were some instances for some good hard dancing to some good musik; and of course, the chance for some f2f encounters with folks, which is the only interesting thing to draw me to these kinds of events to begin with. Looking at 'new media' stuff, well, not too different than shopping...

As for watching the sky, I would deeply protest part of the critical invocation to stop watching the night sky -- I would suggest that there needs to be far more watching of the sky [http://tinyurl.com/j86o5my] -- and perhaps the same time, watching the earth as well. Much to learn from those processes.

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