Alan, You are the highly valued artistic "ping" of Netbehaviour.

It's been a while - but there have been times when many more of us posted work regularly.

I for one would love to what Netbehaviour people are up to on a more daily basis. If it wasn't for Annie's post last week, I would not have got to experience the networked "feeling" experiment hosted by The Nunnery Gallery last week- which changed the way I listen to machines.

Please people, don't hold back.

On 30/11/16 08:18, Michael Szpakowski wrote:
Please don't cut down Alan. People are grown ups and can exercise some choice as to what they view.
I don't look at everything you post by any means but I'm glad it's there.

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I'm cutting back on my posts on Nb; I don't want to be either a nuisance
or feel responsible for unsubbing. I'll post every few days w/ urls; the
usual daily sludge will be on Fb -

- Alan

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