On Wed, 30 Nov 2016, at 02:57 AM, ruth catlow wrote:

> On 30/11/16 09:47, Charlotte Elizabeth Webb wrote:

>> Last night I was watching Astra Taylor give a keynote for the 2016
>> Rhizome Seven on Seven event[1], and she made a good point that
>> 'purity' re: Facebook (i.e. not being there on principle) is counter-
>> effective when it comes to political organising, because it is simply
>> where the people are.
> We're people here too ; )


Taylor wrote a book about social media platforms a couple of years ago.
It wasn't very good -


But as your smiley indicates, you know what they mean here.  :-)

We have more than enough case studies of social media activism
censorship and fallout to be at least slightly wary, though. The current
round of bannings for right-wing individuals and newsgroups on Twitter
and Facebook is something that the left needs to take as more of a
warning than it seems to be...

- Rob.


  1. https://vimeo.com/169714504
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