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>First, thank you for taking time to help.  My reply:

>1. You appear to say that FreeBSD *is* asked to do PAP
>authentication in the 1st LCP response, but I fail to
>see this (I am also no PPP expert).

No, according to your logs FreeBSD isn't asked to do PAP even when
FreeBSD and NetBSD start the PPP protocol (almost) the same. There
must be a difference so that PAP is requested.

>4. I don't think anything is happening before pppd starts,
>and at least,

Before the PPP protocol starts, there is the chat dialog.

>The chat conversation on both FreeBSD and NetBSD is the same.
>Same expect/send pairs, same timeouts, etc.  There's nothing
>special to see in chat(1) logs - just the basic expect/send
>pairs ending with the password prompt - when it was used.

Please show the chat logs for the working FreeBSD session and
the failing NetBSD session.

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