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    I have to install a parallel port in a x86 box. I have seen a board with a 
MCS9865 chip. I have found some references in kernel to NetMos PCI NM9865 but 
I'm not sure than NM9865 and MCS9865 are the same chip.

 MCS stands for Moschip Semiconductor and their name were NetMos.

    Is this card supported by NetBSD ?

    If not, which card is supported ?

 See puc(4).

 It says:

     The driver currently supports the following cards:

           NetMos 1P PCI (single parallel)
           NetMos 2S1P PCI 16C650 (dual serial and single parallel)
           NetMos 4S1P PCI NM9845 (4 port serial and single parallel)
           NetMos NM9805 1284 (single parallel)
           NetMos NM9815 Dual 1284 (dual parallel)
           NetMos NM9835 series (up to dual serial and single parallel)
           NetMos NM9845 series (up to 6 serial and 1 parallel)
           NetMos NM9865 series (up to 4 serial and 2 parallel)
           NetMos NM9901 PCIe (1 serial or 1 parallel)
           NetMos NM9904 PCIe (4 port serial)
           NetMos NM9922 PCIe (2 port serial)

 Even if your card doesn't work, it's easy to support it.

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