Hauke Fath wrote:
> On 07/01/18 22:55, MLH wrote:
> > Things are generally going well but before I actually install a
> > system, one question I have is how to make the configuration
> > bootable.
> Unfortunately, gpt-on-raid1-on-gpt is not bootable, as opposed to 
> disklabel-on-RAID1-on-disklabel (which has size limitations).
> The mbr boot code is able to account for disklabel-on-raid1, but not for 
> gpt-on-raid1, see e.g. install/44982.

I'm not quite sure I am understanding your nomenclature here.

Thanks for all who attempted to assist with creating an EFI bootable
system. I have supposedly made EFI bootable systems on USB drives,
hard drives and cdrom and none of them boot with this motherboard
so I'll got back to trying disklabel-on-gpt then raid-on-gpt.

As in a disklabel gpt partition, maybe a swap on a second gpt
partition, then raid1 on a third gpt partition (for both big drives)
unless this doesn't work on NetBSD.

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