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Will do Hermien.

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On Tue, 6 Mar 2018 at 5:46, Hermien Pellissier<miena....@gmail.com> wrote: Hi all,

The first task of NetCAT 9.0 is starting today - test spec review!

As you probably already know, we manage all of our test specs (and test
runs) on Synergy [1]. This is now hosted on an Apache VM. :)

[1] http://netbeans-vm.apache.org/synergy/client/app/#/specifications

So today we are calling on all tribes to help with reviewing of these test
specs for NetCAT 9.0.

1. Tribe leaders, can you please check with your tribe members who still
need access to edit the wiki, and let us know? We are going to keep track
of the work using the Wiki, so everybody will need access.

2. Tribe leaders, please discuss with your tribe members how to divide the
work. On the wiki page [2], I have added direct links to each of the tribes
on Synergy, so that you can see the current list of test specs.


3. Once you have decided how to split the work, please indicate who is
working on what on the wiki page [2]. I have added a task for myself in the
RCP tribe as an example. :)

4. If there are completely new features in this release (have a look at
[3]), please consider writing brand new test spec(s) for that, and also
divide up the work.


5. If there are only minor updates to be made (spelling, grammar,
formatting, missing steps and so on), then just update the current version
of the test spec. If there changes that would make the test spec
incompatible with previous versions of the IDE, please create a copy of the
test spec for NetBeans 9.0 before updating it. This usually happens when
there is a change in the way that something works.

6. While you are updating a test spec, also have a look at any comments
that may have been made during the 8.2 full testing. [4]


We are planning for beta testing to start on 19 March, so it would be great
if all test spec updates could be completed before then.

Hermien Pellissier and Jiří Kovalský
NetCAT 9.0 coordinators

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