Did you try downloading the JavaEditor.zip [1] file attached to the test specification? I see it contains the LineTools.java class.

[1] http://netbeans-vm.apache.org/synergy/server/api/attachment.php?id=167

Hope this helps,

Dne 11.4.2018 v 12:25 joe schmo napsal(a):
I wonder if someone can help me with a couple of issues I'm having.  It appears 
for my Java Editor testing there are files needed for some of the tests, for  
example here are some tests.

  1. Open *LineTools.java* from javaeditor package.

  Don't know where to find that file.

There are quite a few tests for
  1. Open class coloring.Colors from sample project

There are other files as well, where can I find them?

Also, I cannot log into Synergy, I requested a password change(twice) but I did 
not get a response from Synergy.

Any help would be appreciated.

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