As kind of another test, I've ported my largest NetBeans platform app from
8.2 to NetBeans 9 build 406. It's 60 modules plus 40 library wrapper
modules, 5 suites, ant-based.

In case it is of interest, here are my steps and results:

1. Create a copy of all the sources, open in NetBeans 9 dev:

After creating an additional library wrapper for jdesktop beansbinding
(this has been discussed on this list before) and after removing
(unselecting) all new in NetBeans 9 and unneeded in my application modules
I could successfully compile it against jdk 1.8.0_162 and also successfully
run it with jdk 1.8.0_162. (I've had no time to test all functionality of
the app, but the basics work.)

2a. Compile the application against jdk 9:

Simply switching the java platform to jdk 9 got me a lot of red error marks
immediately, but i could compile it successfully. After a later restart of
the ide the error marks disappeared.

2b. Run the application with jdk 9.

Still causes a lot of trouble, but doesn't seem to be related to NetBeans
9. (My web services clients don't work with java 9 because the* package is excluded by default. However, including it causes
further trouble.)

All in all, I havn't run across serious problems with the new platform


Boris Heithecker

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