On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 11:13:11AM +0200, Nicolas Dichtel wrote:
> There is still some differences:
> $ cat test.batch
> netns add foo
> netns set foo 1234
> netns list-id
> Before your patch:
> $ ip -b test.batch
> nsid 1234 (iproute2 netns name: foo)
> After your patch:
> $ ip -b test.batch
> nsid 1234

This seems to be caused by netns_add calling unshare(CLONE_NEWNET).
If we initialize the socket for nsid after that it doesn't seem to work.

Unfortunately I'm not an expert in these details. Should we separate the
socket and cache initialization to different functions and call the
socket init in the beginning of do_netns() as before? What do you think?
I made a quick patch and it seems to work in batch mode now.


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