I have hit some weird (probably missing some detail) issue with drr.
Originally it was tested between two machines, then I quickly double
checked between namespaces (same behaviour) - the configuration follows:

# setup namespace

ip netns add drrtest
ip li add name left type veth peer name right
ip li set right netns drrtest

# setup 'left' interface with drr

tc qdisc add dev left handle 1:0 root drr
for x in {1..16}; do tc class add dev left classid 1:$x parent 1:0 drr; done
for x in {1..16}; do tc qdisc add dev left handle $((256+x)):0 parent 1:$x 
pfifo_fast; done
tc filter add dev left proto all pref 1 parent 1:0 handle 1 flow map key dst 
divisor 16 baseclass 1:1
ip add add dev left
ip li set left up

The above creates simple drr setup with 16 classes, counted from 1:1 to 1:16
The flow filter should simply distribute it across those classes,
relevant piece of code would suggest everything is ok:

                if (f->divisor)
                        classid %= f->divisor;

                res->class   = 0;
                res->classid = TC_H_MAKE(f->baseclass, f->baseclass + classid);

So 'classid' should 0-15 and after TC_H_MAKE() 1:1-1:16

# setup 'right' interface

ip netns exec drrtest bash

ip add add dev right
ip li set right up

But with this setup, any transfer from 'left' to 'right' is blackholed.
If I change ip address of 'right' to, everything works
again - which would suggest some issue with proper classification.

At this point I'm a bit lost what I'm doing wrong.

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