On 9/16/16 1:52 PM, Cyrill Gorcunov wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 01:47:57PM -0600, David Ahern wrote:
>>>> I'm guessing you passed IPPROTO_RAW (255) as the protocol to socket(). If 
>>>> you pass something
>>>> else (IPPROTO_ICMP for example) it won't work.
>>> True. To support IPPROTO_ICMP it need enhancement. I thought start with
>>> plain _RAW first and then extend to support _ICMP.
>> I thought raw in this case was SOCK_RAW as in the socket type.
>> Since the display is showing sockets in addition to IPPROTO_RAW:
>> $ ss -A raw
>> State      Recv-Q Send-Q        Local Address:Port                         
>> Peer Address:Port
>> UNCONN     0      0                    *%eth0:icmp                           
>>          *:*
>> It is going to be confusing if only ipproto-255 sockets can be killed.
> OK, gimme some time to implement it. Hopefully on the weekend or monday.
> Thanks a huge for feedback!

It may well be a ss bug / problem. As I mentioned I am always seeing 255 for 
the protocol which is odd since ss does a dump and takes the matches and 
invokes the kill. Thanks for taking the time to do the kill piece.

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