Le 06/09/2016 à 05:01, Jiri Pirko a écrit :
> From: Jiri Pirko <j...@mellanox.com>
> This is RFC, unfinished. I came across some issues in the process so I would
> like to share those and restart the fib offload discussion in order to make it
> really usable.
> So the goal of this patchset is to allow driver to propagate all prefixes
> configured in kernel down HW. This is necessary for routing to work
> as expected. If we don't do that HW might forward prefixes known to kernel
> incorrectly. Take an example when default route is set in switch HW and there
> is an IP address set on a management (non-switch) port.
> Currently, only fibs related to the switch port netdev are offloaded using
> switchdev ops. This model is not extendable so the first patch introduces
> a replacement: notifier to propagate fib additions and removals to whoever
> interested. The second patch makes mlxsw to adopt this new way, registering
> one notifier block for each mlxsw (asic) instance.

Instead of introducing another specialization of a notifier_block
implementation, could we somehow have a kernel-based netlink listener
which receives the same kind of event information from rtmsg_fib()?

The reason is that having such a facility would hook directly onto
existing rtmsg_* calls that exist throughout the stack, and that seems
to scale better.

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