Em 18-09-2016 23:06, David Miller escreveu:
From: Marcelo Ricardo Leitner <marcelo.leit...@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 15:12:30 -0300

No functional change. Just to avoid the usage of '&~3'.
Also break the line to make it easier to read.

You're reply later in this thread:

        "to make sure it is correctly adapted to some arch if
        necessary. (even though it's not necessary in this case)"

is inconsistent with your commit log message.

If you think that the word size might possibly be different
on a given arch, then this is in fact a functional change.

Alright, that was badly worded, sorry. I meant not about the macro in specific but in a more general way, as in to not use magic hardcoded values, just that.

This patch just adds ambiguity.  Whereas the existing code is explicit
about "multiple of 4" and there can be no confusion.

On the other hand, it brings the code closer to a standard. This is the one but last occurrence of '~3' throughout sctp code. There is only one other spot left. All of them are using WORD_ROUND or WORD_TRUNC macros already.

We can rename the macros, I agree they sound confusing. Proposing SCTP_ALIGN4 and SCTP_TRUNC4. Does that sound better? Then I'll send a patchset renaming and updating all remaining places.

I'm not applying this, sorry.

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