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For example, you could try disabling the scatter-gather or tx-cum
via ethtool and seeing if there is some benefit; so we could image
some problem on your HW or SYNP MAC integration for checksumming
on tx side.

disabling the following:
  ethtool -K eth0 sg off
  ethtool -K eth0 tx off
does not prevent the network communication going down..

Also you could check the AXI tuning and PBL value. To be honest
(thinking about your problem) I can actually suspect some related
problem on bus setup. So I suggest you to play with these value
(better if you ask for having values from HW validation on your side).
Otherwise the stmmac uses a default that cannot be good for your
platform. For example, sometime I have seen that PBL is better if
reduced to 8 instead of 32 and w/o 4xPBL...

how can I set those values ?

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take a look at Documentation/devicetree/bindings/net/stmmac.txt



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