> OK, it's finally ready now.
> This series contains one two patches.  The first adds the rhlist
> interface and the second converts mac80211 to use it.  If this works
> out I'll then proceed to convert the other insecure_elasticity
> users over to this.

Thanks a lot Herbert!

> I've tested the rhlist code with test_rhashtable but I haven't
> tested the mac80211 conversion.  So please give it a go and see
> if it still works.

Yes, it's passing all the wpa_supplicant tests, so

Acked-by: Johannes Berg <johan...@sipsolutions.net>

I assume you want at least the first patch to be merged through net-
next so you can build on it.

Dave, I don't have anything pending right now since you just pulled, so
I can also wait for you to apply the rhltable and then merge the
mac80211 patch. If you apply the mac80211 patch directly I'll just wait
for both of them to show up and then I'll fast forward to your tree.


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