> The existing code is inconsistent in reporting and accepting the combined
> channel count.  bnxt_get_channels() reports maximum combined as the
> maximum rx count.  bnxt_set_channels() accepts combined count that cannot be
> bigger than max rx or max tx.
> For example, if max rx = 2 and max tx = 1, we report max supported combined to
> be 2.  But if the user tries to set combined to 2, it will fail because 2 is 
> bigger
> than max tx which is 1.
> Fix the code to be consistent.  Max allowed combined = max(max_rx, max_tx).
> We will accept a combined channel count <= max(max_rx, max_tx).

Don't you mean the 'max allowed combined = min(max_rx, max_tx)'.
How does using 'max' change the faulty scenario you've described?

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