On 9/19/16, 7:46 AM, Patrick Ruddy wrote:
> On Sun, 2016-09-18 at 07:51 -0700, Roopa Prabhu wrote:
>> On 9/15/16, 9:48 AM, Patrick Ruddy wrote:
>>> Add RTM_NEWADDR and RTM_DELADDR netlink messages with family
>>> AF_UNSPEC to indicate interest in specific unicast and multicast
>>> hardware addresses. These messages are sent when addresses are
>>> added or deleted from the appropriate interface driver.
>>> Added AF_UNSPEC GETADDR function to allow the netlink notifications
>>> to be replayed to avoid loss of state due to application start
>>> ordering or restart.
>>> Signed-off-by: Patrick Ruddy <pru...@brocade.com>
>>> ---
>> RTM_NEWADDR and RTM_DELADDR are not used to add these entries to the kernel.
>> so, it seems a bit wrong to use RTM_NEWADDR and RTM_DELADDR to notify them to
>> userspace and also to request a special dump of these addresses.
>> This could just be a new nested netlink attribute in the existing link dump ?
> Hi Roopa
> Thanks for the review. I did initially code this using NEW/DEL/GET_LINK
> messages but was asked to change to to ADDR messages by Stephen
> Hemminger (cc'd). 
> However I agree that these addresses fall between the LINK and ADDR
> areas so I'm happy to change this if we can reach some consensus on the
> format.
ok, thanks for the history. yes, they do lie in a weird spot.
the general convention for other rtnl registrations seems to be
AF_UNSPEC family means include all supported families. thats where this seems a 
bit odd.

On the other hand, one reason I see where using RTM_*ADDR will be useful for 
this is if we wanted
to provide a way to add these uc and mc address via ip addr add in the future.
ip addr add <lladdr> dev eth0

Does this patch allow that in the future ?

also, will these l2 addresses now show up in 'ip addr show' output ?.


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