Le 20/09/2016 à 11:09, Liping Zhang a écrit :
> From: Liping Zhang <liping.zh...@spreadtrum.com>
> In ip monitor, netns_map_init will check getnsid is supported or not.
> But when /proc/self/ns/net does not exist, we just print out error
> messages and exit. So user cannot use ip monitor anymore when
> CONFIG_NET_NS is disabled:
>   # ip monitor
>   open("/proc/self/ns/net"): No such file or directory
> If open "/proc/self/ns/net" failed, set have_rtnl_getnsid to false.
> Fixes: d652ccbf8195 ("netns: allow to dump and monitor nsid")
> Signed-off-by: Liping Zhang <liping.zh...@spreadtrum.com>
Acked-by: Nicolas Dichtel <nicolas.dich...@6wind.com>

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