> On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 01:35:52PM +0300, Ram Amrani wrote:
> > The series adds on top of RFC v1:
> > * a check for all drivers that IB_ACCESS_MW_BIND isn't set for ib_get_dma_mr
> > * relocation of qedr user API to include/rdma/uapi/providers/
> > * removal of qedr_devlist_local
> > * fixed error handling in qedr_alloc_resources()
> > * configuration of PBL in ib_map_mr_sg() driver implementation,
> >   rather than post_send's IB_WR_REG_MR
> > * misc.: placed code in proper patch, fixed a few comments,
> >   removed extra parentheses
> >
> > Thanks for everyone which pointed out problems in the driver.
> >
> > Any review/comment is appreciated.
> Very nice,
> Any reason why didn't you drop debug module parameter and decided to
> mimic already available kernel core functionality?
> You got technical explanations why it is bad idea to use it. If you need 
> additional
> voices
> to support my claims, you will find them in thread about VERBOSE flag and 
> responses
> from
> Doug, and Dennis.
> Thanks
Hi Leon,
The RFC cover letter lists what has been addressed. Debug printouts are not 
addressed in V2 as the discussion on that topic is not concluded (more thoughts 
from us on debug printouts incoming on the thread). There were many comments to 
V1 which are not relevant to debug printouts which are addressed by V2. We are 
requesting further comment, hence RFC V2. Rest assured, if it is the final 
opinion in the relevant discussion that pr_debug is the way to go, that's what 
we'll do.

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