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Sample script that shows ethtool stats on VF representor netdev
PF: enp5s0f0, VF0: enp5s2  VF_REP0: enp5s0f0-vf0

    # echo 2 > /sys/class/net/enp5s0f0/device/sriov_numvfs
    # ip link set enp5s2 up
    # ethtool -S enp5s0f0-vf0
    NIC statistics:
      tx_bytes: 0
      tx_unicast: 0
      tx_multicast: 0
      tx_broadcast: 0
      tx_discards: 0
      tx_errors: 0
      rx_bytes: 140
      rx_unicast: 0
      rx_multicast: 2
      rx_broadcast: 0
      rx_discards: 0
      rx_unknown_protocol: 0
Now, when the SW stats are finally upstream for 4.9 in net-next, the
correct approach
for the VF reps counters is to follow the architecture presented there
[1] -- and this is
for the netlink based standard counters. Once you do that, there's no
need to expose
the VF HW counters through  ethtool of the VF rep.
Sure. Will look into it. However, i think we can keep ethtool support also as VFPR
represents the switch port corresponding to the VF.


[1] offloaded stats commits
a5ea31f Merge branch 'net-offloaded-stats'
fc1bbb0 mlxsw: spectrum: Implement offload stats ndo and expose HW
stats by default
69ae6ad net: core: Add offload stats to if_stats_msg
2c9d85d netdevice: Add offload statistics ndo

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