> >> One of the motivations for introducing devlink interface was to allow
> >> user to pass some kind of well defined option parameters or as you call
> >> it hints to driver module. That would allow to replace module options
> >> and introduce similar possibility to pre-configure hardware on probe time.
> >> We plan to use devlink to allow user to change resource allocation for
> >> mlxsw devices.
> > >
> >Is IOV configuration something you're going to explore in the near
> >future for mlxsw devices? Or are you merely pointing out that

> No, not sriov related directly.

> >devlink could provide a superior configuration infrastrucutre and
> >should be investigated as a better alternative?

> Exactly. It is a general problem of how to pre-configure driver modules.

> >> The plan is to allow to pre-create devlink instance before driver module
> >> is loaded. Then the user will use this placeholder to do the options
> >> setting. Once the driver module is loaded, it will fetch the options
> >> from devlink core and process it accordingly.
> >
> >> I believe this is exactly what you need.

> Adding devlink support is trivial in most cases, I bet you can do it in
> couple of minutes for your driver.

I'll go and educate myself, then.

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