From: Tariq Toukan <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 12:19:41 +0300

> This series adds XDP support in mlx5e driver.
> This includes the use cases: XDP_DROP, XDP_PASS, and XDP_TX.
> Single stream performance tests show 16.5 Mpps for XDP_DROP,
> and 12.4 Mpps for XDP_TX, with nice scalability for multiple streams/rings.
> This rate of XDP_DROP is lower than the 32 Mpps we got in previous
> implementation, when Striding RQ was used.
> We moved to non-Striding RQ, as some XDP_TX requirements (like headroom,
> packet-per-page) cannot be satisfied with the current Striding RQ HW,
> and we decided to fully support both DROP/TX.
> Few directions are considered in order to enable the faster rate for XDP_DROP,
> e.g a possibility for users to enable Striding RQ so they choose optimized
> XDP_DROP on the price of partial XDP_TX functionality, or some HW changes.
> Series generated against net-next commit:
> cf714ac147e0 'ipvlan: Fix dependency issue'

Series applied, thanks.

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