From: Joel Stanley <>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 08:34:57 +0930

> Hello Dave,
> This series adds support to the ftgmac100 driver for the Aspeed ast2400 and
> ast2500 SoCs. In particular, they ensure the driver works correctly on the
> ast2500 where the MAC block has seen some changes in register layout.
> They have been tested on ast2400 and ast2500 systems with the NCSI stack and
> with a directly attached PHY.
> V2 reworks the two patches relating to PHYSTS_CHG into the one patch that
> disables the interrupt instead of playing with interrupt sensitivity. I kept
> patch 4 'net/faraday: Clear stale interrupts' which was first introduced to
> clear the stale PHYSTS_CHG interrupt, as it helps keep us safe from unhygienic
> (vendor) bootloaders.

Series applied, thanks.

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